Conundra are intricate and difficult problems with an unexpected solution. One of the most famous Conundra is the Monty Hall problem, where a counterintuitive approach renders the best result.

The Conundra Offices

Steven De Schrijver and An De Wispelaere have shared a profound passion for optimization for many years, and together they founded Conundra. They have achieved a continuous growth based on a relentless drive for results and a resourceful dedication, today employing an elite team of supply chain experts, optimization consultants, researchers and PhD engineers on projects across Europe.

Technology, talent and passion are the Conundra cornerstones for optimization. Cutting edge technology is applied to find tailor-made and unique solutions for big, complex and non-standard supply chain planning problems. Academic and experienced talent is actively sought, trained internally and externally and continuously challenged to further develop. Passion is what unites the team daily to deliver high quality solutions to a wide variety of customers.

Dr. Ir. Steven De Schrijver
Steven is co-founder and CEO of Conundra. He has more than 17 years of practical experience in supply chain optimization and is an experienced board advisor at EU level. Steven also delivers academic publications, has a PhD and is a lecturer in operations research.

Dr. An De Wispelaere
An is co-founder and managing director of Conundra. She has over 10 years of experience in mathematical optimization and is the experienced and creative spirit on many of Conundra’s breakthrough systems. An has a PhD in mathematics and has numerous publications within this field.

We invested in OptiFlow, a complete and full service end user solution for route optimization.

Powerful collaboration

OptiFlow is a co-creation with KU Leuven and experts from the field, and based on our vast experience in advanced user interfaces and powerful engines. The experiments on academic benchmark instances show the strength of OptiFlow, with incredible results.
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ibm-partner-conundra.pngWe have been creating successful solutions for more than 10 years with IBM ILOG optimization software, a strong mathematical programming engine. During this time we have been working very closely with the IBM ILOG developers and creative minds on a global level. There is a very strong bond with the IBM ILOG ODME & CPLEX experts in France, where ILOG was founded.

It’s a perfect marriage: IBM has the strongest mathematical programming engines, and Conundra has the experienced and bright experts to deliver results in distribution optimization. Together, Conundra and IBM form a strong team: 1+1=3.