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Conundra’s powerful OptiFlow SAAS focuses on all parts of your logistic puzzle. The problem is not adapted to the tool, but the tool adapted to the problem, resulting in breakthrough results: guaranteed savings and Return on Investment (ROI), day after day.

OptiFlow© and its dazzling speed gives you the answer in minutes - the bigger your complexity, the larger the savings we can create for you. We believe that the superfast speed is a vital part to achieving cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Have a look at some amazing savings that our existing customers have enjoyed last quarter:   

We know cost saving is one of the primary drivers for our customers. As we treasure your concerns, Conundra has developed its 3PMA © methodology to consistently have a focus on cost and it is at the core of OptiFlow and the services we deliver. Of course we will respect the legal regulations and service level agreements, aware that for each customer, these are different. A central theme in 3PMA is to measure and monitor on a daily basis.

3PMA consists of 5 measuring points:

  • The first two (Previous and Predicted) are measured and calculated at the start, and this will remain our point of comparison throughout
  • The last three (Planned, Manual Adaptations and Actual) are measured daily. These will reveal whether the full potential of cost saving is realized. If not, it will indicate why not


The cost before OptiFlow © was being used (P1).


The cost we predict to achieve based upon a simulation with OptiFlow© (P2).


The cost of the daily planning as given by OptiFlow© (P3).


The cost of the daily planning after manual adaptations by planners or dispatchers (M)


Daily costs, these are also seen in profit & loss statements (A).

With 3PMA © Conundra performs these tasks:

  • Determine potential (P2-P1) through a Proof of Concept, only if this potential is large enough will we move on to the next step       
  • Measure costs daily and increase cost savings       
  • Is Planned (P3) still aligned with Predicted (P2)?       
  • Do we lose some potential due to manual adaptations (M)?
  • Are the actuals (A) close to the planned costs?

For each of these tasks we will provide a daily follow up and a monthly analysis. We know that benefits are only made if they are seen in the P&L. We will measure this the first month and every month after, again and again. We treasure your cost savings.

Our mission is to help companies crack complex distribution puzzles, and to make measurable cost reductions while respecting service constraints.

So please, tell us your logistic challenge. Send us your schedule for 1 day and we’ll tell you the savings you could make. Our promise is simple: no cure, no pay.
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Ahold Delhaize

Route planning software OptiFlow offers Albert Heijn the necessary flexibility and optimization in their retail distribution network

Albert Heijn’s distribution network is extensive and complex, as it consists out of 1,100 Albert Heijn stores, 600 Gall & Gall shops, 530 Etos locations and seven home shop centers. By using Conundra's OptiFlow route planning software, the retailer aims to take maximum advantage of the network density of all 2,237 affiliated stores.

OptiFlow enables HelloFresh to achieve substantial savings while also freeing up time for planners to test tactical scenarios


The enormous growth of meal kit supplier HelloFresh has put increasing pressure on their logistics and planning processes. To address this and to be able to handle future growth, the company called on Conundra. The estimated savings potential of around 6 %, which was identified during a proof of concept, was surpassed significantly in practice.