Breaking world records

At the core of vehicle routing lies the capacitated vehicle routing problem, meaning we need to deliver goods to different customers at different locations. Each customer needs a certain volume and the trucks have a limited capacity. Due to the complexity of the issue, it can’t be solved optimally and there are, naturally, time restraints.

OptiFlow offers a high value, accurate and lightning fast solution. In close collaboration with KUL, several world records have been broken with OptiFlow: it is faster and more precise than even the best academic algorithms.

With Conundra’s OptiFlow you can solve your complex distribution puzzle in 5 easy steps:

OptiFlow routing software, step 1 PlanningStep 1 Planning:

This stage allows you to either create a new plan, or continue with an existing strategy. This is a chance to look at your orders and vehicles in detail, specifically their individual characteristics. 

OptiFlow routing software , step 2 OrdersStep 2 Orders:

Upload the orders you want to plan (or reuse an existing order set) and all of their specific needs such as time windows, the drivers’ skills, order size and whether it’s for pickup or delivery. You can also edit all these orders immediately where needed and use flexible tags to customize your orders.

OptiFlow routing software , step 3 VehiclesStep 3 Vehicles:

Upload a vehicle set or reuse an existing one and include their features such as capacity limit, maximum time spans, costs and the skills or other limitations of the vehicles. A flexible vehicle tag system gives the user all the necessary freedom.

OptiFlow routing software, step 4 ConstraintStep 4 Constraints:

Here you can indicate which orders can be served by which vehicles based on the order and vehicle tags. This can be used to show whether an order needs a driver with specific skills for example.

OptiFlow routing software, step 5 Optimize & AdjustStep 5 Optimize & adjust:

Your routes are being optimized on the fly. You can see how they are improving: every second the kilometers and the costs decrease. You can pause the optimization, fix an aspect of a route, manually reallocate orders and continue the optimization again and the results can be exported to Excel.
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World record-breaking results
High flexibility and adaptibility
Cost savings up to 15%
Optimizes up to 10k orders
User-friendly and a good looking SAAS
It is aligned with your IT

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