CleanLease Improves the Sustainability of its Services with OptiFlow as a Tactical Routing Tool

Posted by Nathalie Göbel on Nov 24, 2022 3:37:15 PM

Textile cleaning company CleanLease, has a unique transport operation. The company has 27 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, and almost ten times as many vehicles. Yet the company drives relatively few kilometers. “We aim to improve the sustainability of our services by choosing OptiFlow by Conundra as a tactical routing solution. After all, our customers primarily see our movement on the roads, as opposed to our laundry facilities. In addition, significant savings are made", says Arnoud Clement, project manager supply chain & transport.

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Route planning software OptiFlow offers Albert Heijn the necessary flexibility and optimization in their retail distribution network

Posted by Nathalie Göbel on Jul 11, 2022 10:17:50 AM

Albert Heijn’s distribution network is both extensive and complex, encompassing 1,100 Albert Heijn stores, 600 Gall & Gall shops, 530 Etos locations and seven home shop centers. With the use of route planning software OptiFlow, the retailer plans to capitalize on the network density of all 2,237 affiliated stores. As Martijn Beerepoot, project manager of distribution and transport, explains, "This would not have been possible with our existing route planning software. Luckily with this flexible Cloud solution, we are able to take the most complex rules and restrictions of our network into account."

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OptiFlow enables HelloFresh to achieve substantial savings while also freeing up time for planners to test tactical scenarios

Posted by Louis D'hondt on Dec 10, 2020 12:01:52 PM

The enormous growth of meal kit supplier HelloFresh has put increasing pressure on their logistics and planning processes. To address this and to be able to handle future growth, the company called on Conundra. The estimated savings potential of around 6 %, which was identified during a proof of concept, was surpassed significantly in practice. As a result, drivers' routes are more effective and planners have more time to work on strategic improvements. This enables HelloFresh to work more sustainably and to further optimize the services it provides to its customers.

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Proof of Concept is deciding factor for Dynalogic in choosing Route Optimization Software OptiFlow

Posted by Louis D'hondt on Nov 17, 2020 11:35:00 AM

Dynalogic, a rapidly expanding logistics service provider that is part of the Belgian Bpost and comprises several other business units, including Leen Menken (a specialist in refrigerated last-mile transport), has successfully implemented OptiFlow route optimization software. Dynalogic's primary focus is full-service last-mile activities for items such as white goods, furniture, and smartphones, as well as ID-related services such as delivering alcohol with a Nix18 check or delivering passports to customers' homes. As volumes increase and customer care grows, the company is leveraging OptiFlow to provide more sustainable services, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve cost savings.

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Customer Case: E-commerce in Africa thanks to optimal and balanced routes

Posted by Louis D'hondt on Nov 14, 2017 4:43:00 PM

Can an African order online and receive the order within two days? It’s possible in Kenya, thanks to the efforts of Copia. With the help of OptiFlow, the company is bringing online buying to the average Kenyan.

In scarcely a few years’ time, e-commerce has come to feel very natural in Western Europe. Order today, delivered at home tomorrow, thanks to the excellent logistics of the e-tailers and their distribution partners. But can you also apply the model to regions with a less evident road network? And we are not thinking here of the less populated areas in Europe, but of African countries. Copia put the question to the test and went to Kenya to work on ‘e-commerce for the base of the pyramid’.

“It’s still too early to benchmark, but I expect a 20% saving on our kilometer costs over the manual solution.”

Willem Palthe, VP Supply Chain & Logistics at Copia

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