What is Route Optimization Software?

Posted by Nathalie Göbel on 20/01/2023

Margins for transport companies are notoriously low, as the industry is highly competitive. In order to increase profits, companies must focus on reducing costs and increasing efficiency, without compromising service levels to their customers. In today's digital world, transport and logistics businesses are leveraging the most innovative and high-performing technologies to stay competitive. Route optimization software is one of those powerful technologies that can help transport businesses save time and money by creating fully optimized delivery routes.

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How Route Optimization Software contributes to Sustainable Transport

Posted by Nathalie Göbel on 07/06/2022

The ball has started to roll. After years of talking about the importance of innovative solutions for sustainable transport, we are at a tipping point. More and more transporters are opting for alternative fuels, strategic hub locations, supply chain collaborations, and innovative technologies including route optimization software, to reduce their impact on the environment. In this blog post we’ll zoom in on the latter and how its use has a positive effect on our planet.

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